A small business specializing in Illustration and Fursuits. My fursuit style is a mix of Kemono and Toony suit styles.Most recent newspost: 4/18/23Commission status, payment methods, and other important stuff is in my About Me tab.Please read my TOS before placing a commission or requesting a refund.Click on the bear to return to the home page

Wishing to bring joy into lives through art

CURRENTLY ON MEDICAL LEAVE + REBRANDINGHello! I'm Valerie!I am an autistic and tourettic artist. I have a (more) personal carrd if you're interested in more about me which is available here 🌸. Throughout my life, my goal has been to improve life for others one step at a time. Nowadays, I do that through my art!
I love to see the joy I can bring to people through my drawings and fursuits, I hope that can be the same for you too!
8-8itArtistries is run by one person and one person alone, which is me, Valerie.
Our work is based out of southwestern Colorado. (Potentially) Relocating to Seattle in 2024.
As such my timezone is Mountain Standard Time, please note that im usually only up in the night-time though due to a sleeping disorder.
Response time is 5-10 hours on average.
Available via inquiry and Twitter status update only, for now, Trello is in progress
COMMISSION STATUS:Art comms: Closed, please DM if you are interested nonetheless, as i make exceptions often.
Paypal, Cashapp, and Kofi
Most recent newspost: 11/15/22Just here because you want to help me get to Seattle? Don't know if you wanna buy something? My Cashapp is $vriskatism!If you're a fursuit client and you've received your product, your commission is finished and arrived or your premade has arrived, please don't hesitate to leave me a review on https://fursuitreview.com !


TOS effective immediately, edited 8/2/2023.Payment information
To secure a slot for a purchase under $100, I require full payment immediately. To secure a slot for a purchase over $100, I require a downpayment of 30% to be placed immediately. This initial downpayment is non-refundable under all circumstances (as I use this to purchase supplies for your project).
Payment goes through either Paypal, Ko-fi, or Cashapp; All of these should be done through USD or currency equivalent.
All fursuit payments are to be made via Invoice, upon acceptance of commission, two invoices will be sent to your PayPal email address or your cash app, one for the 30% deposit, and one for the remaining 70%. The remainder invoice will have partial payment turned on, allowing the customer to revisit the invoice and pay off their suit in installments as it suits them. The remaining 70% will be divided into 7 different requests for Cashapp customers, sent over the span of 7 weeks. Fursuits will not be shipped out until full payment is received, including a shipping payment. Shipping payment can be delayed up to the finish date of the fursuit.
Customers will be communicated with about which type of shipping they would like to pay for, and that is what they shall recieve.
Payment plans can be altered on a case-by-case basis, and flexible throughout the plan.------------
Contact and Suit Creation
Communication/Contact will be made through Discord or Telegram. All Updates and Important messages will be sent both through DMs and to the Discord Server unless asked otherwise. Changing your username during the commission process, particularly on Discord, can cause me to lose your contact and cancel your commission. Please make sure to update me when you change your username.
If you do not provide your Discord or Telegram, communication will take place via the app you originally contacted me with, and will be minimal due to accessibility issues with my main platforms (Tumblr, Twitter.)
All updates and works in progress pictures are posted in the Discord, along with queue updates every week (Unless I am on leave). WIPs will be sent when available, or at the buyer's request (only) when the suit is being worked on. Suits can be created anonymously at buyers' request, however, telegram/discord contact is still needed via private message.
A duct tape dummy is required for all full-body commissions. This is not negotiable and needs to be received before your suit is worked on. You will be provided with a guide on how to create one upon commissioning.
Cancellations and Refunds
As mentioned in Payments, the deposit is non-refundable. Should the buyer wish to cancel their commission before work has started, the excess payments after the deposit can be refunded at the maker's pace. The buyer understands that 8-8itArtistries is a sole trader small business, so refunds may take some time.Once work has commenced, no refunds shall be given. Should the buyer cancel commission after work has started and has not paid in full, the work that has been completed will be shipped to you at your expense, discarded, or will be altered and resold as a premade.----------
Returns and exchanges
Items may not be exchanged for another item UNLESS you were accidentally sent the wrong peice.
Fursuits you do not intend on keeping anymore must be returned to me for resale, instead of handling resale on your own.
Items may be returned at any time for any reason, as long as you (buyer) pay for shipping expenses.
Fursuits you have altered do not count as Malicious Paws work anymore, and sales must be handled on your own, I request that the "base fursuit" be accredited to me. You may not return an altered fursuit. Altered fursuits have no warranty.-----------
Working with minors (Under 18)
8-8itArtistries is completely willing to work with minors IF; The commission is handled by the parent, or the minor pays through Cashapp with parental consent. Minor should be able to provide reputable proof of consent.
Minors may not pay through PayPal unless their parent handles the account, as per the conditions of PayPal.Minors under 13 must have their parents communicate for them, and not join my Discord community.
Warranty and Repairs
Fursuits have an initial warranty of 60 days, any damage that occurs between arrival and then will be covered for only the expense of shipping.
Buyers are not to fix their own suit unless they are fully aware that it can ruin the structural integrity of the suit, and let me know that that is their plan.
Repairs, after the warranty expires, will have to be covered via supply costs as well as shipping.--------------
Errors and Mistakes
Buyers must be aware that errors and mistakes in their purchase are inevitable as their purchase is 100% hand-made by an individual.-------------
Style and artistic liberties
By commissioning Malicious Paws you acknowledge that I have my own style unique to my fursuits, you agree to not ask for any alterations to the style (character features are not included under this). You also agree to not ask to copy a style not owned by Malicious Paws.Malicious Paws reserves the right to take small artistic liberties to preserve the style, such as structure, and eye shape.-----------
Character Changes
For illustrations, you may change the character up to three times until I have started working on lineart.For fursuits, you may not change the character at all unless you intend on resending your 30% down to recover supplies. Small changes to the design can be made, with approval from me, up until I start furring your fursuit.-------------
Reference Images
I request that you provide at least a 2 angle reference sheet for all commissions besides reference sheet commissions. For more complex characters and fursuit commissions, I may request more references such as; A three-angle reference sheet, or a toyhouse page.
Media Usage
Unless stated that you do not want me to, images and videos of your purchase will be taken and used for; Promotional content such as TikTok videos, tweets, and youtube showcases. Example content such as, being sent to potential buyers on request or being used in our portfolio.All character rights remain the intellectual property of the commissioner.-------------
No Contact
If a customer fails to respond to contact attempts within 30 days, a 30-day warning will be issued. Failure to respond within the timeframe will result in the cancellation of the commission with no refund given.
Turnaround Time
By commissioning me you must acknowledge that I am disabled and your suit will arrive at a realistic time.
Commissions may take up to over a year to be completed, and estimations of time given to you may be extended.
Work will not be done during phases of medical leave; When I have to stop working and focus on my health because of a flare-up or other medical episodes. These can be periods of a week up to 6 months and longer.
If you desire your work to be done faster, then I am not your maker/artist.
-----------By commissioning, you agree to these terms.
Information here is subject to change, and should be checked semi-frequently.

**🌸 2D Commission Info 🌸 **

☆ Sketches (will be colored)----
Headshot: $20
Waist Up: $22
Knees Up: $24
Fullbody: $28
☆ Lineart----
Headshot: $22
Waist Up: $28
Knees Up: $30
Fullbody: $40
☆ Full Color-----
Headshot: $33
Waist Up: $40
Knees Up: $50
Fullbody: $60
☆ Reference sheet-----
A reference sheet is priced by how many angles you wish to have of your character. The complexity of said character is also a contributing factor.
Here are some base prices to give you a basic idea;Front Angle Only-- $50
Includes OC’s colors, front angle, name, and tail design
Front and Back-- $70
Includes Colours, front angle and back angle, name + basic character info, species, tail, and mouth
Three Angles --- $90
Colors, side, front and back angles, name + basic character info, species, tail, mouth, eyes, and basic Info
Adding a feral will be + $14
I have a $16 design fee for customs.
Isolated tail, eyes, head, etc references will be provided with the full reference file.☆ Chibi-----
Fullbody Chibi- $30
Animated Chibi- $50
☆ Full illustrations- Start at $110! Includes a foreground, midground, background, and your character in some sort of dynamic pose. Requires your concept, creative liberty comms not available for this commission. (Exceptions may occur)☆ Badges -----
Physical badges of your character cost the same as a typical full-color headshot-full-body, with the exception of shipping. Shipping varies depending on your location. (Will be laminated, and you will receive free gifts along with your badge(s))
☆ Add-Ons-----Additional Characters - +$30 per character
Speedpaint- +$14
Shading is included in the basic price; If you want flat color let me know. (This doesn't reduce price)
*Prices may vary due to character complexity!

🌸** Fursuit Commission Info **🌸

Everything is base price, i will charge you for more complex designs.
Base price accounts for 2 or 3 fur colors, and up to 2 minky colors. Each additional fur color is $60 and each additional minky color is $30.
Heads-- $700
Paws-- $260
Tails-- $260
Mini Partial-- $1,200
Half Partial --- $1,400
Full Partial -- $1,600
Fullsuits -- $2,200-3,000Accessories -- $60Plushies -- $60

All prices are subject to change.